What level of fitness/health is required to make a jump?You don’t need a Doctor’s certificate to Skydive, (only if you are 40 or over) but you need to be in reasonable health. You’ll need to have good use of your arms or legs. In order to ensure a fun safe experience we do reserve the right to refuse a skydive based on Age, Weight and/or Health. If you have any particular needs of questions please feel free to contact us.



Are there any weight limitations?For tandem skydives the maximum weight limit is 14 stone and there is no maximum age limit, although the instructor has full discretion over this matter. For the static line courses the same weight limit applies but the maximum age limit is 50.



What happens if I cancel my jump? When you make a booking you are required to pay a minimum £50 deposit per person to reserve your place on the day. If you cancel on the week or day of your jump you will lose the £50 deposit for each person cancelling. Please note that the deposits are non-refundable.



Is there an age restriction applicable to the sport?The minimum age for all skydiving by law is 16, under 18 parental consent is required. For those over 40 a medical form (provided by us) must be signed by a doctor, ladies over 35 are strongly advised to make a tandem jump. Please phone for further information or for a consent form.



What should I wear?Loose, comfortable clothing that will keep you warm is best. Tight clothing can be uncomfortable when the harness is tightened. Less bulky clothing is also preferable. Shoes should be of the ‘runner’ or ‘sand shoe’ variety, without a heel. Also bulky boots with hooks are NOT recommended. Dress as you would for the weather on the ground. If unsuitable atire is worn the club reserved the right to postpone the jump until suitable alternatives are found.



What if I wear glasses or contact lenses, can I still jump?You can jump with either we will supply special goggles for both, just remember to let us know before the jump!



Are there any restriction on drinking alcohol or taking medication?Regulations do not permit skydiving if alcohol has been consumed in the preceding 8 hours, and participants must not be under the influence of any drugs. If you are taking medication that might affect your ability to make a safe skydive you should not jump (if you have any doubts please speak to an instructor). Alcohol is not permitted in the operational areas of the Skydiving Club.



Which jump course should I do? Completing any skydive, be it Tandem or Static Line is a great achievement and will be the most thrilling thing you will ever do. The major difference with the static line jump is that you and you alone are responsible for all safety and emergency procedures. On a Tandem jump you will have an instructor there to look after all procedures at all times while you relax and enjoy the jump. The Tandem is a great introduction to skydiving and allows you to experience 30 seconds of freefall and then the parachute ride with your instructor.



What time should I arrive at the DZ? Tandems should arrive at the centre no later than 8.15am every day except Sundays when arrival time is no later than 9.15am. A queuing system will operate with those arriving first jumping first. Static Line Courses take a full day for training, so the same arrival times as stated for tandems applies. The jump is normally made on the day after training and the full day should be set aside for this too.



What if the weather is too bad to complete my jump?Often it can be raining or bad weather. The reason we ask you to keep the day free from your arrival is to allow for adverse weather on the day. As soon as the weather improves we start jumping again. As you know the weather in Scotland is changeable and therefore what may start out looking like a day that no jumping will take place can often end up being the complete opposite!



What if the jump is unable to go ahead for some reason outside my control? If your jump is unable to be completed due to weather or circumstances out of our/your direct control your jump can be re booked to another day of your choice, you do not lose your deposit. Deposits are valid for 1 year. Note however that static line students must jump within 3 months of being trained.



What height will I jump from? Our formal jump altitude for Tandems is 10,000ft, however there are no refunds if we have to exit at a lower altitude due to circumstances out of our control. Static line square (RAPS) are from 3,500ft. For experience jumpers our maximum exit altitude is 10,000ft.



What view will I get? You can see the mountains, the Tay, and on a clear day the Cities of both Perth and Dundee. Paragon has very scenic country type views, with the added bonus of the beautiful Tay estuary.



Is there any feeling of falling while in freefall? No it is not like a roller coaster where you suddenly accelerate, when you leave the aircraft you gradually accelerate up to 120mph (Tandem only). The first 1,000ft will take you 10 seconds and then every 1,000ft after that 5 seconds.



What is the landing like? On approaching the landing the tandem instructor will tell you to lift up your legs and from here the Instructor looks after the landing. While there are risks involved in the sport they are minimised through safety standards, qualified and very experienced Instructors and the development of better and safer equipment over the last 20 years. Although Skydiving carries risks, as with any adventure activity, follow directions and you’ll have a fun day out.



Can my friends and family come and watch? Yes, they are well catered for at Paragon Skydiving Club. They can sit around the Picnic and BBQ area or grab something to eat in the canteen while watching you and others jump. Please note however, that dogs are not allowed on the airfield.