About Us

A Brief History

Paragon Skydiving Club is located on an airfield which was originally used during the second world war. The site has been used as a parachuting drop zone since 1998 and our facilities provide everything you need to learn to skydive in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

Since our opening we have supported and encouraged the development of skydiving in Scotland by offering all aspects of sport parachuting. Our courses include static line square, through accelerated freefall (AFF, although the course doesn’t take place on our DZ we do put you in contact with an AFF instructor) and tandem skydiving. We employ some of the most experienced skydivers in Scotland and operate with the full support of the British Parachute Association and the Civil Aviation Authority.


Dave Bray is the club’s very own experienced pilot and is also a BPA pilot examiner. Over the years Dave has flown many hundreds hours of which a great number have been parachute flying. He can fly numerous types of Aircraft. The centre currently operates a Cessna 182. To allow you to perfect your exit we have created a replica of the door of the aircraft.  Part of your training will involve practicing your exit position until you begin to feel comfortable with what you will have to do when you do leave the plane for real!


Facilities & Accommodation

Building amenities include manifest/office, class rooms, video rooms, indoor packing and training areas, bunk houses, canteen, showers and so much more!
Our training aids allow us to simulate all aspects of your jump for example, the exit from the aircraft, parachute steering, landings and equipment procedures.

  • Strictly NO DOGS allowed on the drop zone
  • NO ALCOHOL allowed on the drop zone

A bunkhouse is available with accommodation for 9 people.
Sleeping bags are essential and there is a charge of £10.00 per night. All year round. There is an alternative however if you’re not brave enough! The Inchture Hotel is fairly close to the DZ and offers a good service at a reasonable price. Ample space for camping on site is also available although no caravans are permitted. The on-site canteen operates from 9.30 am until late offering snacks, light meals and drinks.  Other facilities include: Indoor packing area; Formation skydiving training area; BBQ & picnic area; Parking for around 20 cars and a souvenir shop.  In the nearby town of Errol there is a small selection of pubs and places to eat that offer a chance to relax, if all you are looking for is a quiet drink after a hard days training or jumping.