Display Team

Paragon Skydiving Club has its own display team which is available throughout the year. The team is comprised of some of the most experienced parachutists in Scotland with the ability to jump into almost any show. Displays normally involve between 4 and 10 skydivers.  Initially the jumpers will complete a short freefall before deploying their main parachutes and flying them towards the designated landing area.  To add to the show it is possible for our team to jump with coloured smoke, flags, streamers or even fancy dress costumes. (As long as they do not interfere with our safety procedures.)

We also provide a ground controller to work in conjunction with the show organiser.  The controller is experienced in this area and helps ensure safety procedures are adhered to in an efficient and effective manner. We can also provide a commentator tell the audience a little about each skydiver and also give an insight into each stage of the display.  Costs for displays vary according to the venue, number of jumpers and extras required. We can give quotes on request so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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